Simple. Editable. Affordable.

Cape Cod Website Builders create crisp, professional and affordable websites using SquareSpace*.
We hold your hand from start to finish making the process fun and easy! But the best part is, YOU will be able to make changes to your website anytime and anywhere. Don't want to handle updates to your website?  No sweat, we can make the changes for you quickly and efficiently. We'll even assist you with domain registration and transfers. But rest assured, all your domain names and services are under your ownership and control. We are NOT resellers looking to profit off of your branding/domain names.  Beware of companies who do.

Located on Cape Cod, we have provided website services since 2004 to individuals and businesses worldwide, with over 120 happy clients. Take a few moments to check out our Project page for examples of our work and then drop us a line to schedule an appointment.  What are you waiting for?  Get started today!

Why do we use SquareSpace? Over the years we built sites the old fashioned way, using custom HTML and CSS. Custom sites are less desirable these days due to the fact that you, the client, have to rely on us, your web developer, to complete the updates.  We've used CMS/template solutions like Wordpress and Wix, and several others. WordPress is built with Open Source code. It, and the plugins used to add functionality, need to be updated regularly and monitored for security issues that make Wordpress websites vulnerable to hacking, and a hassle to keep up with.  We've been using SquareSpace for almost 10 years.  SquareSpace is built on a proprietary platform (not open source), they have 24/7 tech support, and there are no third party widgets to add.  Oh, and their templates are user friendly, attractive and have many useful features like galleries, slideshows, blogs, password protection, calendars, and the ability to add custom CSS for advanced level design.

*Check out to view available templates and pricing. We are not resellers so you will pay SquareSpace directly, either monthly or annually.  We are happy to help you sign up. Their service includes beautiful templates, editable content (text, images, galleries, video, etc.) and hosting.  The cost is comparable (and in some cases more affordable) to a year of hosting through other website hosting companies. Best yet, there are no exorbitant monthly hosting and maintenance fees.